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Want to Save the World Now?


The Future is in Our Hands

What-Why-Action: Bali is drowning in waste from over-development. The waste processing system can't cope with the waste produced and desperately needs to be upgraded. We are a non-profit organisation together with concerned local residents and businesses, we are installing micro-processing facilities which can clean and green Bali, eliminating disease and illness while bringing clean water to damaged areas. Our programs are designed to engage businesses and all stakeholders so that they can plug directly into our programs which are ultimately benefitting and impact businesses directly. We empower the local communities and incentivise them to self-learn their way out of their own dire situation while providing the support and training for them to do so.

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The Waste Crisis

The waste crisis in Bali is a snapshot of what's going to happen in the world. Waste is piling up in urban roadsides, Water is contaminated with waste water; highly toxic elements such as mercury and sulphuric acid is seeping in to the water supply. With illness and disease on the rise, Bali is in a crisis and something needs to be done.
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What We Are Doing

Do you want to see a cleaner and greener planet? Do you feel overwhelmed by the thought you can do nothing to save the planet? Then check out what we are doing to engage stakeholders to be part of the solution to regenerate the planet.
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How You Can Support

Support, Share and choose Mindful Businesses. Find out how you can get involved with the regeneration of the planet. When you choose to support a Mindful Entrepreneur or Mindful Business you are making a choice to the future of the planet. It shouldn't cost you more money, all it takes is making that choice to shop with a Mindful Entrepreneur or Business.
Our Waste is Destroying The Planet
Jonny QCanngu
"This is truly WOW. This is perhaps one of the most innovative waste management programs on the planet!"

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Susie PDownon Coffee
"Anyone who lives out here knows how hard it is to get anything done on this island. This program is nothing short of a miracle."


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Businesses, Government and schools joining the vision

What Can YOU Do?Make The Stand

Support Businesses With The Same Vision. You can do the most powerful action that businesses and Governments take notice of and make the choice to support mindful entrepreneurs and businesses who are focused on creating a better world

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Birthdays can change the world. For your next birthday, pledge to ask for donations instead of presents.


Do it as a family, school project or in the name of a loved one. When the project is complete, you'll see it on a map.

Support Mindful Entrepreneurs

Support an entrepreneur or business working hard to minimise their impact our planet. Other businesses will not be able to afford to follow suit.